News Feeds

What are News Feeds?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a system web sites use to summarise their content and make it available to others. RSS News feeds allows other sites to display portions of their content and users with feed readers to quickly see what’s new.

Visit Wikipedia for a more detailed definition of RSS.

How do I use News Feeds?

Whenever you see the orange News Feeds icon News Feed Icon there is a link to a News feed. Direct your favourite RSS news feed reader to the destination of the link to subscribe to the feed. Refer to your feed reader’s user guide for how to do this. Depending on the feed reader you are using, you may be able to simply drag the icon into your reader to subscribe.

The web sites whose feeds you subscribe to receive no personal information about you. You receive only what you are subscribed to, no spam in your email, and you can unsubscribe at any time by removing the link from your feed reader.

What is a Feed Reader?

An RSS news feed reader (also called a news reader or aggregator) visits websites on your behalf, collects summaries of their content, and presents them to you together in one place. Feed readers can usually be configured to only display what is new since the last time it checked, saving you the time of visiting all those web sites yourself just to see if they have been updated. Along with the summary will be a link back to the full article on the original web site so that you can visit if you are interested in reading more.

RSS news feed readers can be grouped into two broad categories, online and offline.

Online Feed Readers

Online readers are services with an HTML interface and are accessible to anyone with a web browser. An active connection to the Internet is required to use one of these services.

There are numerous online RSS news feed reader services available. Most major portal sites provide this facility. Some of the most popular are listed below.

Google Reader logo Google Reader
My Yahoo logo My Yahoo
My MSN logo My MSN
BlogLines logo Blog Lines
NewsGator logo News Gator

Offline Feed Readers

Offline readers are programs, similar to e-mail clients, which download news items and store them on your local machine for you to browse at your leisure, even when you have disconnected from the Internet.

We cannot recommend a particular RSS news feed reader as the choice would depend on factors such as the platform your computer runs on. One that works on one machine might not work on another. To find the right RSS news feed reader for you, try visiting Google’s directory for an extensive list of RSS news feed readers compatible with many platforms.

Browser Support

Some web browsers now offer native support for RSS news feeds. The latest versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, Opera, and Apple’s Safari all have some degree of support for RSS news feeds. If you use one of these browsers you may not need to install a third party RSS news feed reader or news aggregator program.

Browsers supporting RSS feeds.

ie icon Microsoft Internet Explorer
Firefox icon Mozilla Firefox
Opera icon Opera
Safari icon Apple Safari

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