What's happened so far?

Our priorities for improvement fall under the following areas:

  • Improving housing
  • Improving services for older people
  • Improving education
  • Improving support for vulnerable children and their families
  • Improving council services
  • Improving the environment
  • A strong and prosperous economy, helping to reduce poverty

Since April 2009, we have already made a lot of progress in delivering our priorities:

Transforming health, housing & social careMyCouncil Playground

Our Council tenants have voted in favour of the transfer of the housing stock to a new not-for-profit organisation called NPT Homes.

We consulted on the options available to improve the accommodation of older people living in our residential care homes and decided to move to appoint a partner who will design, build, finance and operate four new care homes, alongside Dan y Bryn care home.

We have reviewed, jointly with colleagues in the NHS, options for improving care services provided where people live. We are currently consulting on proposals to improve the cost effectiveness of our in-house home care services and we have made a high level commitment to integrate more of our social services with health services where it is beneficial to service users to do so.

We have completed the first phase of the review of services supporting vulnerable children and their families and have trialled a new approach jointly with the police and the health service.

Transforming education & lifelong learning

  • We have further progressed the first phase of our Strategic Schools Improvement Programme, based on a set of principles to bring about long term improvements to ensure young people across the County Borough have the best possible start in life.

Transforming the economy, the environment and our communities

  • Gnoll logoWe have progressed our waste management arrangements including plans for the future development of the Materials Recovery and Energy Centre (MREC) and are getting more involved with our neighbouring authorities on food and residual waste disposal.
  • We have progressed our regeneration proposals including plans for Coed Darcy, the Port Talbot Centre/Docks, Neath and Pontardawe Town Centres and the new University Campus on Fabian Way.
  • We have continued to support the economically and socially excluded, through drawing down European funding and other programmes such as the Western Valleys Strategic Regeneration Area.

Transforming the Council as an employer and how we do business

  • We have introduced a new pay and grading structure for employees, which makes sure there is equality between men and women. 
  • We have produced a Workforce Strategy to help deal with the challenges we are facing, which includes a review of working practices which are no longer appropriate. This strategy will also contribute to the avoidance of compulsory redundancies.
  • We have undertaken a number of systems reviews of services that have delivered qualitative service improvements and quantifiable savings.

Doing what matters

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