Environment Directorate  – Policy Statement

The Environment Directorate is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment through the services we provide and by reducing the adverse impacts of our own actions. We will conform to the principles of sustainable development and pursue the Aims set corporately and as identified in the Community Plan. We affirm that by acting locally, we can play our part in improving the global environment to the benefit of our local communities. We will seek to integrate environmental considerations into all our decision-making and will commit to continual improvement of our performance.

In managing our own operations, we aim to:


  • Promote an efficient, sustainable transport system that meets community needs to travel, maximises safety and minimises consumption of fossil fuels, traffic congestion and pollution.
  • Minimise the environmental impact of transport usage in carrying out Council business through purchasing low emission vehicles and plant.
  • Optimise economic development and social inclusion through sustainable transport development


  • Maintain and enhance the local environment through proper highway asset management
  • Maintain and enhance the local environment through keeping roads and footways well maintained.
  • Promote the quality of the local environment through proper attention to street cleanliness, grounds maintenance and associated neighbourhood services.

Property and Land

  • Minimise the environmental impact of properties owned and managed by the Council through maximising energy efficiency and encouraging the use of renewable energy.
  • Manage land for which we are responsible so as to maintain and enhance the environment, its bio-diversity and conservation value.
  • Maintain and enhance the local environment through good property asset management.


  • Promote Sustainable Waste Management by encouraging the reduction in the amount of waste generated and the increased re-use and recycling of waste and by adopting sustainable forms of waste disposal and treatment.
  • Reduce waste by reusing where possible, and recycling, including introducing kerbside recycling schemes for all household waste.
  • Integrate technical and environmental considerations into all Council purchasing and contracts.

In our statutory and influencing roles, we aim to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation.
  • Enforce all relevant legislation.
  • Develop the Borough in consultation with the community in order to protect and improve the quality of the environment and to provide access to services for all.

The aims of this policy will be monitored and reviewed through our accredited Environmental Management System, which will be audited on a regular basis. The policy will be reviewed each year and any changes deemed appropriate will be made. The policy will be available to all members of staff on the intranet  and available to the public and other interested parties via distribution to Civic Centres, Libraries, other public buildings and by publication on the internet.

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