An adopted road is one that the Council is liable to maintain.

The Highways Act 1980 empowers the Council to accept the maintenance liability for un-adopted roads. These can be either newly constructed development roads, or established roads, which have not been adopted previously.

The usual reason why the latter have not been adopted is that they neither comply with the Authority’s specification for the construction of roads for adoption, nor the design guide criteria for the layout of adopted roads.

To contribute to the Corporate and Community Plan aims of improving quality of life, community safety and local services for local communities within the County Borough, the Council will:

  • Adopt any road that meets the current requirements of both the specification for the construction of roads for adoption, and the nationally based design guide for the layout of roads for adoption.
  • Enter into adoption agreements with the interested parties in accordance with current legislation to ensure adoption upon completion of the required works.
  • Require that unadopted established roads will firstly need to be improved to meet the current standards at no expense to the Authority.

This policy has cross cutting themes which complement Corporate Objectives for:-

  • Environment & Transport
  • Confident Communities

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