Policy for Bridges and Structures

High Street Bridge AberafanTo contribute to Corporate and Community Plan aims of ensuring economic prosperity and improving environment and transport by maintaining safe access to services and employment.

Bridges and structures on or affecting the adopted highway will be maintained and constructed in a way that enables the safe passage of vehicles, livestock and pedestrians within the limits prescribed.

Structures include retaining walls, parapets, piped culverts, embankments and cuttings that are the responsibility of the Council.

In pursuit of the above we will do the following:

  • maintain access to remote communities;
  • maintain safely and repair bridges and structures in accordance with their anticipated use, in a prioritised programme based on safety requirement, the Council’s strategic network, economic benefit and social requirement
  • where appropriate, impose load limits on bridges and structures as a means of maintaining safety, the integrity of the structure and access
  • identify risk, ownership and liability status of structures
  • make safe retaining walls and structures for which the Council has responsibility, which support the road structure and are in urgent need of repair,
  • advise owners of retaining walls and structures for which the Council does not have responsibility, which support the highway and are in urgent need of repair, of their obligations to maintain such walls; and;
  • take action to make safe such retaining walls and structures in urgent need of repair after reasonable notice to the owner and re-charge the owner for the costs incurred
  • without prejudice, advise owners, where possible, about retaining walls and structures or parapets etc. in urgent need of repair which do not support the highway but could affect the highway and highway users if they collapse
  • consult with statutory undertakers, environmental groups and other stakeholders before carrying out works which may affect their interests
  • prepare a prioritised programme of maintenance and manage the programme in accordance with the Council’s Asset Management Plan.
  • use sustainable materials and work practices where feasible

This policy has cross cutting themes and complements and links with the following Corporate Objectives and Policy Standards: -

  • Environment
  • Transport
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Confident communities

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