Policy for Highway Network Management

To contribute to the Authority's Corporate and Community Plan aims by ensuring that adopted roads and footways are managed in an efficient and cost effective manner that maximises access and minimises disruption to the user.

As a Highway Authority, the Council has a statutory duty to maintain its roads and footways in a safe condition with regard to the volume and nature of traffic carried. The function of 'Network Management' is to bring together highway maintenance, improvement and management to deliver an integrated user-focussed service. Highway assessment is used to identify areas of the network requiring maintenance, and assist in prioritising necessary repairs.

Network Management is therefore an essential part of the Authority's Infrastructure Asset Management Plan.

The Council will: -

  • Network Management VehicleMaintain a register of adopted roads and footways.
  • Establish an integrated network management strategy based on the "Code of Practice for Highway Maintenance Management", which advises on standards.
  • Carry out technical surveys and inspections to assess the condition of roads and footways.
  • Use the results of the technical surveys in a recognised technology based management system (also known as "Pavement Management System") to develop a prioritised programme of maintenance works.
  • Carry out inspections in accordance with Government guidelines.
  • Publish an annual prioritised 'planned maintenance programme consistent with budget allocation.
  • Adopt a holistic approach to network management.
  • Embrace a positive attitude to the needs of people with disabilities.
  • Embrace a positive attitude to safety, environmental, sustainability and conservation issues.

This policy has crosscutting themes and complements and interlinks with the following Corporate Objectives : -

  • Environment and Transport
  • Community Safety
  • Confident Communities

This policy has links with the policies for: -

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