Policy for Infrastructure Asset Management

To contribute to Corporate and Community Plan aims by maintaining and improving the condition of the highway infrastructure. Well-maintained roads and footpaths will assist in the enhancement of the environment and assist residents and visitors alike to pursue and enjoy safely the social, economic and leisure opportunities within the community.

The Council has a statutory duty to ensure that its roads, footways, byways, bridleways, bridges and culverts are maintained in a safe condition appropriate to the volume and nature of use.

The Council will:

  • Neath Civic CentreAdopt a strategic approach to optimise the allocation of resources for the management, operation and preservation of the highway infrastructure.
  • Work within CSS Wales guidelines on asset management where appropriate.
  • Seek to comply with the 'Code of Practice for Maintenance Management'.
  • Create and maintain an inventory of highway infrastructure assets.
  • Undertake condition assessments of highway infrastructure assets.
  • Manage the assets using a 5 year rolling works programme designed to maximise the benefit to the community.
  • Adopt principles of Sustainable Development in all schemes including lifecycle costing, where appropriate.

This policy has cross cutting themes and complements and interlinks with the following Corporate Objectives: -

  • Environment
  • Transport
  • Confident communities
  • Community Leadership

This policy has links with the policies for :-

Highway Maintenance
Winter maintenance
Network management
Bridge Maintenance

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