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To further the corporate aims and Community Plan by maintaining and improving public lighting to help create a better environment for the community. Public Lighting will assist in the enhancement of the environment and assist residents and visitors alike to pursue and enjoy the social, economic and leisure opportunities within the community in safety.

In pursuit of this we will do the following:-

  • Endeavour to make sure lights are on when it’s dark and repaired quickly when broken.
  • Provide a safe and cost effective lighting infrastructure through the provision and operation of a robust well coordinated and structured public lighting maintenance regime.
  • Provide a lighting system of new modern road lighting lanterns with the utilisation of white light.
  • Contribute to the Corporate energy conservation targets by utilising more sustainable modern energy efficient equipment, where there is a cost benefit and business case.
  • To further reduce energy consumption by the introduction of a Central Monitoring System which  enables greater control of lighting regimes including the facility for dimming newly installed road lighting lanterns.
  • Pursue the Local Authority’s Sustainable Public Transport Policy through providing good well-maintained public lighting.
  • Minimise the environmental impact of public lighting, through the management of the waste stream disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous equipment, recycling, minimising light pollution and use of alternative environmentally friendly materials.
  • Assist in the reduction of crime by using modern white light road lanterns to deter crime and assist in crime detection.
  • Ensure that public lighting is aesthetically pleasing both day and night with the replacement of existing aged lighting infrastructure with new modern road lighting equipment.
  • Pursue the Council’s aim in demonstrating its commitment to the provision of safer and more attractive communities by focusing on improving the existing lighting infrastructure for the enjoyment of the communities.

This policy has cross cutting themes and complements and interlinks with the following Corporate Objectives and Policy Standards.

  • Environment and Transport
  • Crime and disorder and Community Safety
  • Confident Communities
  • Regenerating Communities and Sustaining the Environment
  • Supporting the Disadvantaged and Improving the Quality Of Life

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