Policy for Strategic Highway Infrastructure Improvements

To contribute to Corporate and Community Plan aims of pursuing economic prosperity and enhancing the environment by improving the highway infrastructure in accordance with an integrated transport strategy that promotes social inclusion, safety and provides for the local community.

The Council will:

  • Neath Bus StationAssess the need for new schemes based on criteria including traffic demand, economic benefit, development proposals, social need and environmental benefits.
  • Promote schemes that contribute to Regional, National and European Policies and can be funded by grant aid.
  • Identify and develop strategic transport corridors, prioritised for improvements to public transport, cycle and pedestrian routes. New and improved facilities such as cycle ways, bus shelters, bus priority measures and passenger information will be provided.
  • Adopt principles of sustainable development in all schemes.
  • Promote schemes that integrate with other forms of transport such as bus, rail, canal and sea.
  • Promote schemes developed in conjunction with the South West Wales Integrated Transport Consortium (SWWITCH).
  • Consult with all stakeholders, including Welsh Assembly Government relevant agencies, developers, transport users and operators, economic forums, the local community and adjacent local authorities, whilst developing schemes.
  • Consider the needs of cyclists, pedestrians, people with disabilities, elderly persons and children in the design of all schemes.
  • Negotiate with landowners affected by proposals whilst continuing with compulsory purchase procedures when appropriate.

This policy has cross cutting themes that complement the Corporate Objectives for: -

  • Environment
  • Transport
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Confident communities
  • Community Leadership

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