Policy for Strategic Highway Network

To contribute to the Authority’s Corporate and Community Plan aims, of ensuring economic prosperity, better health and well-being, and improving environment and transport by maintaining accessibility to services and employment. This will be achieved by identifying the strategic highway network within the Authority’s adopted road network, and undertaking the following actions: -

  • Establish a strategic highway network hierarchy based on the principles recommended in the Code of Practice for Maintenance Management.
  • Implement carriageway and footway inspections at frequencies recommended in Code of Practice for Maintenance Management.
  • Carry out annual reviews of the strategic highway network to ensure it fully reflects the Community Plan aims and any physical changes.
  • Allocate a maintenance category to each section of carriageway according to its importance within the strategic network.
  • Prioritise highway maintenance schemes in accordance with their maintenance categorisation.

This policy has cross cutting themes and complements and links with the following Corporate Objectives and Policy Standards:-

  • Environment
  • Transport
  • Community Safety
  • Confident Communities
  • Regenerating Communities & Sustaining the Environment
  • Supporting the Disadvantaged & Improving the quality of life
  • Better Health and Well-being

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