Policy for Sustainable Travel


To contribute to Corporate , Community Plan and Local Transport Plan aims , and the objectives of the South West Wales Integrated Transport Consortium and the Welsh Government , of

  • Sustainable Travelenabling easy access to facilities and services for people and businesses
  • promoting social inclusion and economic development
  • improving health whilst avoiding or reducing the use of non-renewable resources
  • minimising the adverse impacts of travel on the environment, and reducing car dependency

the Council will :-

  • Promote walking and cycling for travel, leisure and health purposes.
  • Develop routes and facilities to encourage walking and cycling for travel, leisure and health purposes.
  • Support schemes which encourage more responsible use of the car, such as car sharing .
  • Work with public transport operators to improve services and ticketing initiatives so that buses and trains become an increasingly attractive alternative to the car.
  • Operate a scheme to provide concessionary travel on buses in accordance with Welsh Government policy.
  • Develop and implement a Travel Plan for NPT employees which

    • includes measures to encourage “greener” travel choices and particularly to reduce single occupancy car travel to and from work, and
    • supports flexible working practices which allow arrangements such as reduced or compressed hours working or home-working to reduce the need for travel, and
    • improves access to Council jobs.
  • Develop and implement School Travel Plans which address matters of concern for pupils, parents and staff about travel to and from each school and seek to encourage healthier and “greener’ travel choices whilst improving child road safety.
  • Encourage other employers to develop and implement effective Travel Plans for their employees.
  • Encourage developers to provide effective travel plans for new developments as part of the planning process to reduce car dependency.
  • Develop and implement planning policies which ensure that, where appropriate, new developments are located and designed to reduce car dependency by offering good facilities for walking, cycling and public transport use.
  • Encourage the carriage of freight by rail and sea.
  • Ensure that the Council's fleet of vehicles meet current European standards for vehicle emissions.
  • Encourage good ICT access and associated services and facilities, which can reduce the need to travel.

This policy has cross-cutting themes which complement Corporate Objectives for:-

  • Environment
  • Economic Prosperity

This policy relates to other Council policies on:-

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