Policy for Temporary Signing for Planned Events

To ensure that consent given for painting, inscribing or affixing any picture, letter, sign or other mark upon the surface of a highway or upon any tree, structure, works on or in a highway, accord with the aims and values of the Authority, ensures road safety and complies with the requirements of Section 132 of the Highway Act 1980.

In pursuit of this we will do the following:-

  • Temporary SignFor Major Events and those generated by community, public service or charity, not unreasonably withhold consent for the placing of temporary signs, providing organisers accept and act upon advice given regarding location content and size of any signing in a highway.
  • Inform event organisers of the process that has to be followed for their request to be considered and liaise closely with applicants by telephone, email and in writing.
  • Give proper and full consideration to every request received.
  • Agree locations with the applicant prior to the erection of any sign.
  • Remove signs/banners which have been erected without approval in accordance with Section 132 of the Highway Act 1980.
  • Ensure that, where signs/banners are proposed to be erected on lighting columns or other street furniture, such signs can be erected safely and without causing damage.
  • Require that there is safe access for the persons erecting the sign i.e. suitable location for a vehicle to be parked without causing obstruction or a road safety hazard and a safe access to the proposed location of the sign/banner.
  • Reserve the right to instruct the removal of any signs/banners if deemed necessary, regardless of whether approval has been previously given.
  • Ensure that signs/banners are erected so that no damage is caused to existing street furniture and any damage is made good at the applicant’s expense.
  • Require that the signs/banners are erected at the agreed time and not more than 2 weeks in advance of an event taking place and are removed within 24 hours of the event taking place.
  • Require that the signs/banners are to be regularly checked by the event organisers during their placement for safety reasons.
  • Request that all signage is bilingual in accordance with Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council’s Welsh Language Scheme.
  • Ensure an indemnity form has been signed by the applicant, prior to the signs/banners being erected.

This policy has cross cutting themes and complements and interlinks with the following Corporate Objectives and Policy Standards.

  • Environment and Transport
  • Confident Communities
  • Regenerating Communities and Sustaining the Environment
  • Supporting the Disadvantaged and Improving the Quality Of Life

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