Policy for Traffic Signal/Controlled Crossings,
Pedestrian Crossings and Other Telematics Devices

To contribute to the Authority’s Corporate and Community Plan aims, and Welsh Government objectives, by maintaining, improving and installing telematics control and information systems.

Telematic control devices and information systems will assist the public to safely pursue and enjoy social, economic, and educational and leisure opportunities within the community. Such devices also contribute to safer communities and reduction of pedestrian and vehicular related accidents.

In pursuit of this we will do the following: -

  • Telematic DeviceConsult with relevant stakeholders with regard to new installations.
  • Provide and maintain traffic signals to aid the safe passage of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians in accordance with relevant legislation.
  • Provide and maintain Pedestrian Controlled Crossings where necessary to aid the safety of pedestrians/cyclists in accordance with relevant legislation.
  • Only provide controlled crossings where the relevant guidance adopted by the Authority is met or as an integral part of a wider highway scheme.
  • Provide and maintain Vehicular Access Control as a means of controlling traffic.
  • Provide and maintain Bus Priority features at traffic signals to promote the use of public transport in line with the Authority’s Integrated Transport Strategy.
  • Provide Real Time Passenger Information Systems at appropriate locations.
  • Minimise the environmental impact of all telematics devices.
  • Maintain a remote fault monitoring system to identify faults at traffic signal sites and controlled crossing sites.
  • Provide an appropriate maintenance regime for the telematics infrastructure.

The policy has cross cutting themes and complements and interlinks with the following Corporate Objectives and Policy Standards-:

  • Environment and Transport
  • Crime and Disorder and Community Safety
  • Supporting the Disadvantaged and Improving the quality of life
  • Service Quality and Improvement

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