Policy for Public Safety at Mine and Quarry Spoil Tips

To contribute to the Community Plan aims of improving public safety by ensuring that mine and quarry tips, by reason of instability, do not form a danger to members of the public

The Council will;

  • Dyffryn Rhondda Aerial Ropeway TipImplement the Mines and Quarries (Tips) Act 1969 Part 2 as appropriate
  • Monitor and inspect tips on a regular basis determined by the Act according to category of tip.
  • Liase with regulatory authorities on new or amended proposals relating to tips.
  • Advise the person responsible for the tip of potential problems that may require investigation or remediation works.
  • Take enforcement action to safeguard the public and use emergency powers when necessary.
  • Recharge the person responsible for the tip for any work carried out under enforcement action.
  • Keep records of inspections and condition of tips.

This policy has cross cutting themes that complement the Corporate Objectives for:

  • Environment
  • Community Safety

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