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Local Development Plan - Latest News

Local Development Plan - Latest News

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January 2016

The Local Development Plan (LDP) was adopted by the Council on the 27th January 2016

Cllr. Anthony J. Taylor
Cllr. Anthony J. Taylor

Following the Examination of the LDP and receipt of the Inspectors’ Report, I am pleased to announce that the Council at its meeting on the 27th January 2016, considered the content and recommendations set out by the Inspectors’ and subsequently resolved to adopt the Neath Port Talbot LDP (2011-2026).

Accordingly, the LDP is now the development plan for Neath Port Talbot, superseding the Unitary Development Plan, and provides the basis for decisions on land use planning in the County Borough up to 2026.

Local Development Plan Cover 2011-2026My sincere and heartfelt thanks go to all Council staff, elected representatives, key stakeholders and local residents who have contributed to making this Plan possible.

The LDP provides a modern, clear and ambitious vision of what we want to see happen in Neath Port Talbot over the next decade – a County Borough where we can provide a better, fairer future for everyone who lives, works, visits or invests here.

The Council and its partners from all sectors must now welcome and embrace the opportunities that the LDP creates to deliver the real change that Neath Port Talbot both needs and deserves.

Where can I see the documents?

Printed copies of all relevant documents will be available for public inspection during normal opening hours at each of the Civic Centres and at any of the libraries across the County Borough.

The adopted LDP is available to view or download from the following links:

Neath Port Talbot CBC Local Development Plan - Written Statement (2011-2026) (January 2016)

LDP- Proposals Maps Legend

LDP - Proposals Maps

Upon adoption, the Council has also prepared a statement which sets out what the Plan is, the scope of the appraisal that has been carried out and how the findings of the appraisal have been taken into account. The LDP Adoption Statement is available to view or download from the following link:

LDP Adoption Statement (January 2016)

Sustainability Appraisal

The LDP has been subject of a Sustainability Appraisal (SA) incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

The appraisal has been an iterative process throughout Plan preparation and policies and proposals within the Plan reflect the outcome of that process. The scope of the appraisal evaluates the Plan to ensure that it reflects sustainable development objectives and considers social and economic factors as well as environmental ones. It also appraises the Plan’s impact upon health, equalities and the Welsh language.

The final SA Report comprises five separate documents, all of which are available to view or download from the links below:

Sustainability Appraisal of the Deposit Local Development Plan (August 2013)

Sustainability Appraisal – Appendices (August 2013)

Sustainability Appraisal of the Deposit LDP – Addendum (September 2014)

Sustainability Appraisal of Proposed Focussed Changes (September 2014)

Sustainability Appraisal of Proposed Matters Arising Changes (August 2015)

Habitats Regulations Appraisal

The LDP has also been the subject of a Habitats Regulations Appraisal (HRA). The HRA has assessed whether the Plan is likely to have a significant effect on any European Sites (also known as ‘Natura 2000’ Sites) directly or indirectly either alone, or in combination with other plans and projects.

The final HRA Report comprises four separate documents, all of which are available to view or download from the links below:

Habitats Regulations Appraisal of the Local Development Plan (August 2013)

Habitats Regulations Appraisal – Background Papers (August 2013)

Habitats Regulations Appraisal: Assessment of Proposed Focussed Changes (September 2014)

Habitats Regulations Appraisal of Proposed Matters Arising Changes (January 2016)

What Happens Next?

Moving forward, the Council will begin preparing a raft of Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG), setting out more detailed topic or site specific guidance on the way in which the policies of the LDP will be applied in particular circumstances or areas.

In addition, the Council is required to prepare an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) on its LDP, which will provide a continual assessment of whether the underlying strategy remains sound and whether the policies and proposals are being implemented in the anticipated manner.

For More Information

For more information on the LDP, you can contact the LDP Team direct either by telephone: [01639] 686821 or e-mail:

Your community, your future…be part of it.

Councillor Anthony J.Taylor

(Cabinet Member with responsibility for the Local Development Plan)