School Admissions

How to apply for a school place

The process to apply online for a school place closed on 27th November. Applications made outside of these dates or for nursery and in-year transfers will need to contact the School Admissions Team for the relevant application form.

We are the admission authority for all community primary and secondary schools in the borough. Parents / carers of pupils due to change school in the annual admission round must either apply online or by completing the relevant application form indicating their preferred school. This procedure also applies to parents who wish to apply for St Joseph's RC School & 6th Form.

Admission to all Voluntary Aided Infant / Junior / Primary Schools these include: St Joseph’s RC Primary School, St Therese’s RC Primary School, St Joseph’s Infant School, St Joseph’s Junior School, Alderman Davies Church in Wales Primary School and Bryncoch Church in Wales Primary School is the responsibility of the Governing Body and all applications for admission should be made direct to the school.

Full details of Neath Port Talbot admission policy can also be found in the Information for Parent Handbook available from School and Family Support Team 01639 763600, along with a full school list and contact details.

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Partner Schools

The Council uses a partner school system as part of its Admissions over-subscription criteria.  

All requests for admission to community schools must be approved by us. More information on schools can be found on the My Local School website

Catchment areas

Within the Council, each school has an area that it traditionally serves, called the Catchment Area. For further information and details concerning school catchment areas please contact the admissions section.

In accordance with the School Admission code parents are required to express a preference for the school they wish their child to attend, even if it is their catchment school. Pupils who reside within a defined catchment area will therefore have no automatic right to attend that school. A formal application must be made. Failure to apply could result parents/carers being denied a place for their child at their local/chosen school, if demand exceeds the number of places available. It must be noted that catchment children will always take priority over applications from outside the catchment area.  The Council aims to comply with parental preference as far as possible, subject to the availability of school places.

Only when a school has reached its pupil admission number (the number that can be admitted to a school in any one year group), will applications be refused for that particular school by the Council. School Capacity and Pupil Admission Numbers

Types of Admission

There are two types of admissions:

1. Annual Admission Round

The annual admission round covers all pupils who are due to change schools in the September of each year.

This includes:

  • Admission to nursery
  • Admission to reception class (Infant / Primary)
  • Transfer from Infants to Junior School (Year 3)
  • Admission to Secondary School (Year 7 including St Joseph's RC School & 6th Form)
  • Admission to 6th Form (Year 12)

2. In year admissions (Moving schools during the school year)

There are number of reasons why parents find it necessary to move their child from one school to another. Obviously, a fresh start at a new school at the beginning of the school year would be the choice of most parents and every consideration needs to be given avoiding a change of schools during the school year. However, circumstances do not always make this possible and a move during the school year becomes unavoidable. But before taking the decision to change schools, parents are strongly advised to talk to their child’s teacher or head teacher. They may be able to help as many issues that worry children and their parents can often be sorted out without the need to move schools. So please, take time to talk to the staff at your child’s school before making the move.

Changing Schools can be a serious step for your child to take. This is especially so in the Secondary sector, in particular when they reach Year 10 or 11 and have already chosen and are studying their selected exam options. Their choice of options, or exam boards may be completely different in a new school, even if this school is still within Neath Port Talbot. Careful consideration should therefore always be given before making any decision to change schools. If there is no other way forward then download an In Year application form.

Please be advised that parents should not remove children from a school until an admission to an alternative school has been agreed.

Admission Appeals

Appeal school application decision

Most pupils in Neath Port Talbot are allocated a place at their first choice school.  If we can’t allocate a place at the preferred school, an alternative school place will be offered.  You must then decide whether to accept the place or to appeal again the decision.

If parents are dissatisfied with the result of an application for a particular Community school, an appeal may be submitted to an Appeal Panel, which is independent of the Admission Section and Council.

An appeal must be made in writing.

If you appeal, we will ask a panel to consider your case.  The panel must consist of three to five members.

  • People who are eligible to be lay members (this excludes anyone who has managed the affected school or who has taught in any school).
  • People who have experience in education; who are familiar with educational conditions in the area; or who are parents of registered children at a school (other than the school at which the appeal is made).

Independent appeal panels must consider each case individually.

The decision of the appeal panel is binding on the council and the school governors.

For all other queries please contact the School Admission Team on 01639 763580 / 01639 763730 or

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