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Building regulations approval

Guide to Extending your HomeTower for conversion, Jersey Marine

You will usually require Regulations Approval in the following cases:-

  • When you erect or extend a building, unless it is an exempt structure. If you require more information on these please Contact Building Control
  • When you materially alter a building e.g. carry out structural alterations or close up internal doorways or knocking down walls which has an effect on fire escape. 
  • When you extend or alter a controlled service within a building e.g. install a WC or heating system. 
  • When you want to change the building's fundamental use. This includes when the building is to be used as a dwelling, institution, hotel, boarding house or public building where it previously was not; or if the building is to contain a greater or lesser amount of dwellings than it did previously.
  • When self installing domestic replacement doors or windows using a Builder or window company not FENSA registered. Non-domestic windows/doors require an application.
  • When carrying out electrical work using an electrician who is not registered as a competent person.
  • When renovating a thermal element of a building or inserting insulation into a cavity wall.


Apply for building regulations approval

Please note.......The above is not an exhaustive list. If in doubt, Contact Building Control.