Reductions to Rates

Business Rates bills can be reduced in a number of circumstances.  For more details on how this could benefit you, or to apply for a reduction please get in touch.  You can also download application forms at the bottom of this page.

Business rate reductions can fall into the following categories:

Exempted buildings and empty buildings relief is automatically applied by the Local Authority.

Extra discounts are also available; for example, you may qualify for hardship relief or transitional rate relief if your business meets certain criteria.

Full details on business rate relief are available from Business Wales.


In exceptional circumstances, we may grant a reduction to the rates bill if you can prove that you are suffering hardship and if it is interests of council taxpayers for the reduction to be granted.

File type Document File size
pdf Rate Relief for Community Amateur Sports Clubs
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pdf Rate Relief for Charities and/or non-profit-making organisations
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pdf Report any change in Occupancy / Vacation / Re-Occupation of a property
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