Respite Care

What is a short break?

A ‘Short break’ is the term used to describe a situation where an adult service user or their carer (if they have one) has a temporary break from their usual care arrangements. In the past this would have been called ‘respite’ or ‘respite break’.

There are a number of ways service users and carers can have a break from their usual routine for example attending an employment or day service. However, the focus of this leaflet is overnight short-breaks.

Who are short breaks for?

  1. ‘Adult with care or support needs’ which are individuals aged over 18 years old who has been assessed as meeting the current NPT CBC eligibility criteria for Community Care Services and requires help or support because of physical or sensory disability or learning disability or frailty as a result of age or mental illness.
  2. Carers who provide or intend to provide a substantial level of unpaid care on a regular basis to an adult with care and support needs – as above.
  3. Shared Lives/Adult Placement carers who are approved by a registered Shared Lives/Adult Placement scheme.

How might I benefit from a short break?

Short breaks are provided with the aim of enhancing and developing the quality of life of a person who has support needs and their carer (where there is one), and to support their relationship. A short break for a person who does not have a carer will be offered to meet outcomes which have been noted in the person’s care plan.

How do I find out more about getting a short break?

Whether you are a person with care/ support needs or a carer we will need some information about your circumstances. We will meet with you and talk about your situation and what type of support you think you need. This is called a Community Care Assessment or if you are a carer it is called a Carers Assessment.

To find out more contact Neath Port Talbot’s Adult’s and Children’s Single Point of Contact Team (SPOC) 

01639 686802 01639 686802 voice +441639686802

Text Relay/Typetalk users use 18001 followed by (01639) 686802

Eligibility Criteria

Every person’s situation is unique, and we carefully consider each request for support. Like all Social Services Departments in Wales, Neath and Port Talbot work to eligibility criteria to help people in the greatest need first and according to the amount of resources available.

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria we can still provide you with information and advice so that you are able to make your own arrangements for a short break.

If you do meet the eligibility criteria and the need for a short break has been identified, the social worker will go through the short-breaks allocation form with you. This will give an indication as to the number of nights short break you might need.

Carers and service users situations varies from person to person. Some Carers only require a short-break when they take their annual fortnight’s holiday. While other Carers have additional challenges such as caring for more than one person or are disabled themselves. We need to take these factors into consideration rather than just base number of nights allocated solely on basis of the disability, illness or frailty of the person being supported.

Is there a charge for Short breaks?

There is a charge for overnight short breaks for adults; the Law states that it is the person with care or support needs who will be assessed as to their ability to pay as they are the one receiving the service. The Social Worker will tell you more about the charges.