Carers Assessment

If you provide help and support to a relative, friend, partner, child or neighbour who has a disability, a physical or mental illness, is frail or has alcohol or drug related problems then you are a Carer.

We may be able to provide services to you (as a Carer), or to the person you care for, or put you in touch with other support organisations.

What is a Carers Assessment?

If you are providing (or you intend to provide) a substantial amount of care on a regular basis then you are entitled to a Carers Assessment.

A Carers Assessment isn’t a ‘test’ to see how well you are caring

The purpose of a Carers Assessment is to provide you with the opportunity to talk about:-

  • your caring responsibilities
  • how being a carer may have changed your life
  • what support you think would help make your caring role easier.

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