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Council Tax Bands

Each dwelling is assessed for Council Tax by the Listing Officer of the Valuation Office Agency and is allocated one of nine bands according to its open market capital value as at 1 April 2003. Therefore, the price of your home today is not a good guide to what your band should be.

Find your council tax band
Neath Port Talbot Council Tax Bands
Band Property Values 2005 Valuation List
A Up to £44,000
B £44,001 to £65,000
C £65,001 to £91,000
D £91,001 to £123,000
E £123,001 to £162,000
F £162,001 to £223,000
G £223,001 to £324,000
H £324,001 to £424,000
I £424,001 and above

The Valuation Band forms the basis on which your Council Tax bill is calculated. Your bill shows which Valuation Band that applies to your dwelling.

Challenging your Band

If you think your property is in the wrong valuation band you can challenge the assessment.

Challenge your Council Tax Band