Margam Crematorium

The Crematorium is currently operating with some restrictions.  Funeral Directors have been advised and we would ask that you contact your funeral director in order to discuss the same.

Whilst it is fully appreciated the loss of a loved one is very difficult and stressful the Crematorium would remind the public of the government advice and that of Public Health Wales, which strongly advises to significantly limit your face-to-face interaction with friends
  • are over 70
  • have an underlying health condition
  • are pregnant
The maximum number permitted to attend a cremation is 20 and those in attendance must be invited to attend.  Please liaise with your funeral director in this regard.

Please note the Crematorium Office will also now be closed to the general public but in the event members of public wishing to make contact we would ask that you do so by telephone on 01639 883570 or by email on

2020/21 Christmas/New Year Opening Times

Date   Grounds Opening Times   Office Opening Times
Wednesday 23.12.20   9 am to 5 pm    
Thursday 24.12.20   9 am to 3 pm   Office is Closed
Friday 25.12.20   Christmas Day 10 am to 4pm   to the general
Saturday 26.12.20   9 am to 4 pm   public due to
Sunday 27.12.20   11 am to 4 pm   COVID 19
Monday 28.12.20   Bank Holiday 11 am to 4 pm    
Tuesday 29.12.20   9 am to 5 pm    
Wednesday 30.12.20   9 am to 5 pm    
Thursday 31.12.20   9 am to 3 pm    
Friday 01.01.21   Bank Holiday 11 am to 4 pm    
Saturday 02.01.21   9 am to 4 pm    
Sunday 03.01.21   11 am to 4 pm    


Margam Crematorium
Longlands Lane,
Port Talbot
SA13 2NR
(01639) 883570 (01639) 883570 voice +441639883570
(01639) 894940 fax +441639894940


The Superintendent and Staff willingly place their advice and services at your disposal when seeking guidance and information.

Enquiries may be made to the Crematorium Office.

Superintendent and Registrar