A Good Read

A Good Read

Looking for a Good Read? Interested in starting up a reading group? Want to Meet an Author? Then Read On!

These pages are for anyone who loves to escape with a good book. Here you will find information on reading groups, author events, book prizes and more. 

And we always welcome your feedback so please do get in touch as we'd love to hear from you.  

* To contact your Reader Development Officer please contact Paul Doyle on 01639 860000 or e-mail p.a.doyle@npt.gov.uk 

Looking for a good read?

Are you looking for a good read? Maybe you want to try something a bit different or explore the classics or just something for your next holiday.

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Great reads from Wales
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Find the type of read you want
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Information for and about reading groups
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Great website for readers
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Great pages on new books and reading groups
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Helping you to choose your next book
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Share your thoughts with other readers
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Stories and activities for children
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