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Pantteg, Ystalyfera, Landslip Update

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Residents in the area can ring our dedicated telephone number (01639) 686288 during normal office hours or email .

Update 18/8/2017

Over the last week the council’s housing team has been working with each affected family to help them relocate.

Eight out of the ten properties affected have now been vacated. The families have been offered and accepted alternative accommodation and have either already moved or are in the process of moving. No family will be left in B&B or other emergency accommodation.

One property on the terrace is in a ruinous state and is unoccupied – the council has today served a demolition order on this property.

Two notices were served on one property in March and April 2017. These have recently been superseded by a single notice which was served on the 15th August 2017. The tenant of that property has appealed and the appeal is due to be heard on the 20th September 2017.

This is not a one-off event but records of landslips in that area date back to 1897 with the hillside above the area of Pantteg and Pantyffynon  referred to locally as the ‘moving mountain’ .

Pantyffynon village itself is mostly abandoned with many homes demolished due to landslip events in the late fifties and early sixties.

If there was a simple solution to dealing with landslips it would have been found long ago.

However, the two most recent landslips directly affected residents’ properties which is the reason why the council has asked residents to relocate. The council’s responsibilities are clearly set out in the Housing Act; we have a duty to protect residents against the risk of imminent harm.

It is important to note that the landslip area is largely in private ownership, but the council’s main priority throughout has been and continues to be the safety and wellbeing of the affected residents. 

As work to monitor the site is ongoing we are looking to keep the local community up to date with the latest developments via our website and through direct communication with the affected residents.

We have been planning a public meeting with members of the local community to give them the latest information and residents will receive letters shortly.

We are contactable for further information via our dedicated phone number (01639) 686288 or

The safety of residents is our top priority and our immediate concern is for the safety of residents in the properties directly affected by two recent landslips.

Landslips in this part of the county borough are not new and they are very much linked to the local geology and our industrial legacy. 

This council and indeed previous councils have monitored this area over many years.

As a matter of course, Neath Port Talbot Council continuously reviews potential risks to its communities and services to prevent events that could disrupt community life.

Following the monitoring and investigation of the landslips at the rear of 81 – 96 Cyfyng Road, we are of the opinion that there is a high risk of further landslips and a risk to the occupiers if they remain in these properties. 

The decision to ask people to leave their homes at such short notice has not been taken lightly but this is the only course of action available to the council to keep people safe.

All of the residents have been offered advice and support and we are doing this on a case by case basis. Council officers are speaking to residents to identify individual requirements and we have set up a dedicated telephone number so those residents directly affected can continue to receive ongoing support whether that be in relation to alternative housing, education or other issues.

Whilst it is understandable that residents within the surrounding area are concerned, our attention at the moment is to concentrate on the terrace of ten properties and the residents within those properties. 

Further assessment and monitoring of the wider area is taking place and the information which results from those investigations will be explained to the local community in due course. 

Residents in the area can ring our dedicated telephone number (01639) 686288 during normal office hours.