Summer Reading Challenge 2018


We’re taking a trip to Beanotown!

This year’s Summer Reading Challenge is Mischief Makers, inspired by the much-loved iconic children’s title Beano, which celebrates its 80th anniversary. Rumour has it there’s a treasure chest full of epic pranks waiting to be discovered in Beanotown It’s totally free and to get started all your child has to do is sign up at the library and they will be given a collector folder to keep a record of their Summer Reading Challenge journey.

As they read their books, each child will receive special stickers to complete their folder. Once they have collected the stickers they will receive a certificate! There are also several prizes to collect along the way.

Children are encouraged to read at least six library books. They can be any books they like – novels, fact books, joke books, e-books or audio books, they all count – and your library
will have staff and volunteers on hand to help children choose books they will really enjoy. The Challenge is a great time to share and talk about books as a family. Sitting down with a book, newspaper or magazine sets a good example to kids – they will copy you.

Summer Reading Challenge Launch

We are pleased that Neath Library is hosting the Summer Reading Challenge this year with a visit from Into The Wild.  Children can get close up to Ron and Carl the Mischievous Meerkats and a host of other animals, while they learn about their antics from the handlers.

Explore your library 

While your children are choosing their books for Mischief Makers, it’s a great chance for parents and carers to discover the full range of what’s on offer at the library. From reading groups to computer use, it’s your library, so let us help you make the most of it!

Fun and Games - sorted!

Don’t forget, Mischief Makers has a dedicated website for children taking part in the Challenge. As well as keeping track of their progress online, kids can have all kinds of fun here!

There are games and competitions, children can send messages and even find out what to read next using the Book Sorter.

Meeting All Children’s Needs

At the heart of the Challenge is children choosing and sharing any books – in any format – that they like. If your child is visually impaired, or finds printed books tricky, your library may be able to help suggest alternatives.

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