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Containers and Prices

We have a range of containers for your rubbish and recycling collections, which come in various sizes.

If you have an agreement with the Council for removal of your waste, it is compulsory as part of that agreement to have recycling collections as well as rubbish.

It costs just £5.73/ £7.81 per week (depending on contract size) for recycling (plus bin rental if required) and all recycling materials are included (e.g. paper, glass, cardboard, food and plastics).

Alternatively, you can buy an annual permit book to use our Recycling Centres for your recyclable waste only. This costs £298 for a book which contains 52 permits.

For more information on the collections available for your business, contact us on or call 01639 686405/686406.

Trade Waste Bin sizes and uses
Bin size (litres) Bin Examples Approximate quantity of waste (bags) Annual charge *weekly & fortnightly (*Weekly only for town centres) including rental
240 240l Bin 3

£243.50 fortnightly collection

£445.50 weekly collection *

360 360l Bin 5

£330.50 fortnightly collection

£605.50 weekly collection *

660 1,100l Bin 10

£547 fortnightly collection

£994 weekly collection *

1100 660l Bin 15

£896 fortnightly collection

£1598.50 weekly collection *


Wheeled bin dimensions
Bin size (litres) Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
240 725 1075 580
360 880 1100 665
660 1260 1160 772
1100 1380 1460 1075

These sizes are approximate and vary between suppliers.  Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council change suppliers as and when necessary and provide these figures without prejudice as a guide only.