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Wales Rural Development Plan

Wales Rural Development Plan

Pontrhydyfen Viaduct

The Wales Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 (RDP) is a 7 year European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) programme funded by the European Union and Welsh Government.

The Wales RDP 2014-2020, which was submitted to the European Commission on 11 July 2014, could provide £953m of European and Welsh Government funding to rural Wales to help:

  • Increase the productivity, diversity and efficiency of Welsh farming and forestry businesses, improving their competitiveness and resilience, reducing their reliance on subsidies.
  • Improve the Welsh environment, encouraging sustainable land management practices, the sustainable management of our natural resources and climate action in Wales.
  • Promote strong, sustainable rural economic growth in Wales and encourage greater community-led local development.

Neath Port Talbot RDP

The Welsh Government is working with key stakeholders to create a programme that meets the needs of people who live and work in rural Wales. The aims are to deliver activities which support the countryside and to encourage people to become involved in improving and developing their rural communities by generating new and innovative ways in which to sustain long term development in Wales.

To support the economic regeneration in the rural wards of Neath Port Talbot, the local partnership, Regenerate NPT, which is a local action group made up of people from the third, public and private sectors, submitted its Local Development Strategy (LDS) to the Welsh Government and was successful in applying for £2.156m worth of funding from the ‘LEADER’ funding pot, which they now manage. Invitations to submit expressions of interest for projects have already taken place and further announcements for future potential project ideas will be made via this website.

The Welsh Government's website gives up to date information on the Rural Development Plan