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Compliments and Complaints

How do I let you know?

If you want to tell us about any of our services and/or facilities:

  • Print off the Comments, Compliments and Complaints Form and either post or hand it to us.
  • Ask for a copy of the Comments, Compliments and Complaints Form from the person you are already in contact with. If making a complaint, tell them you want your complaint dealt with formally.
  • Come and see us in person at the One Stop Shops in Neath and Port Talbot.
  • E-mail us on (Please do not attach legal documents / messages to this email)
  • Phone us on 01639 686868 or on our Welsh language telephone line 01639 686869.
  • Write us a letter.

Please note the Council welcomes correspondence in either English or Welsh.

  • Comments, Compliments and Complaints Form (PDF 216 KB)

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How do I complain?

Effective complaints handling processes should be:

  • Complainant Focused
  • Simple
  • Fair & Objective
  • Timely & Effective
  • Accountable
  • Committed to Continuous Improvement

Hopefully an initial complaint can be resolved on the spot. Where this is not the case the complaint will be investigated by the manager of the service. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, the complaint will be referred to a Complaints Officer.

You can also complain to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales at any time. The Ombudsman normally expects you to have raised the matter with the body concerned, and given them a reasonable opportunity to investigate and respond, before you contact him.

Contact details:

Public Services Ombudsman for Wales
1 Ffordd yr Hen Gae
Pencoed CF35 5LJ 
01656 641150

When will I hear?

If your complaint cannot be sorted out on the spot we will look into it and you will hear from us within 10 working days. Where a Complaints Officer needs to look at your complaint you will hear from us within 20 working days. If any deadlines cannot be met we will keep you informed and give you a new date.

Comments, Compliments and Complaints Policy

If you have a complaint about a school please contact the headteacher or governors of that school.

What do you think about us?

We want to provide good quality services for everyone whether they live, work in or are visiting the Neath Port Talbot area. We would like to know what you think about our services and facilities.