Things you can do to help

In reducing our budget by approximately £77 million since 2010, we have tried to minimise the impact on services as far as possible. Asking for your views and for the views of our partners each year has helped us to decide on our approach to these budget savings.

 By lots of people pulling together, we can make the most informed decisions and stretch our budget further. The more we can do to stretch our budget, the better the services we will be able to provide. Anyone in the county borough can contribute to helping make the available budget go further, here are some of the things you can do:

  • Switch – save time, do it online! Make use of the Council’s online services whenever possible. These are secure, easy to use and convenient, available 24/7. You can order bulk waste collections, pay your council tax and even download free library books and magazines (saving you money as well!). For a full list of online services, go to
  • Recycling – help us meet our recycling targets and avoid fines by recycling whenever possible. Putting your recycling into the correct containers for collection will also help. For information and advice on recycling go to
  • Litter – please don’t drop litter, this includes chewing gum and cigarette butts. Find the nearest bin or take it home with you
  • Get involved in your community – be a good neighbour, have pride in your local area, think about volunteering for local group
  • Shop locally and support other local businesses to support the local economy
  • Keep yourself as fit and healthy as possible