Policy for Drainage & Floods

Policy for Drainage & Floods


To contribute to the Corporate and Community Plan aims of protecting the quality of the local environment as affected by drainage and flooding;

The Council will;

  •  Carry out its duties and responsibilities as described in “Drains, Sewers and Riparian Land Drainage, A Guide to Your Responsibilities” and "Policy on Flood and Coastal Defence" published by the Council.
  • Work with the Environment Agency in maintaining the Council's drainage, coastal protection and flood management systems
  • Work with the Environment Agency advising landowners on matters concerning drainage, coastal protection and flood management.
  • During normal working hours, clear blockages in private drains and sewers when requested and charge the owner(s) for this service.
  • Using its Public Health powers, enforce repair of private drains and sewers by a contractor (not necessarily the Council) with costs to be charged to the owner(s).
  • Maintain flow in the drainage systems the Council is responsible for and unblock road gullies as soon as possible.
  • Provide advice for landowners on their responsibilities in relation to drainage of their land.
  • In event of a major flooding incident, implement emergency powers and an action plan.
  • Provide an adequate, economic, sustainable and technically and environmentally sound coastal defence and drainage system in areas that are the responsibility of the Council.
  • Discourage inappropriate development that requires planning consent in areas considered at risk from flooding and coastal erosion.
  • Work in partnership with the Swansea/Carmarthen Bay Coastal Engineering Group, neighbouring authorities and other bodies to provide the affective assessment of coastal erosion risks and measures for their mitigation.
  • Take account of Government guidelines as set out in “Planning Policy Wales, Development and Flood Risk” (TAN 15) and “Coastal Planning” (TAN 14)
  • Respond to incidents of oil pollution in accordance with the Oil Pollution Response Plan .

This policy has cross cutting themes that complement the Corporate Objectives for:

  • Environment and Transport
  • Confident Communities
  • Community Safety