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Planning Enforcement

Covid-19 Enforcement Service Restrictions

“Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, please be advised that while we will continue to accept planning enforcement complaints, our investigations into such complaints will be severely impacted upon, not least because Officers are currently unable to visit sites.  Therefore, while we would encourage you to think whether such a complaint needs to be made at this time of national emergency, only those matters which are considered by officers to be significant or urgent (Priority 1 cases as referred to in our Planning Enforcement Charter), or those matters able to progress in the absence of a site visit, will be investigated. 

Please also note that although we will endeavour to respond to such urgent matters, the timescales within the Council’s Planning Enforcement Charter are temporarily suspended during the Coronavirus crisis.

The Council has powers to control unauthorised development and may take formal action in order to remedy a breach of planning control where it is expedient and in the public interest to do so.

The Enforcement Service

In January 2018 the Council approved a Planning Enforcement Charter which seeks to:

  • Provide an overview of the planning enforcement system, including a summary of what may constitute a breach of planning control
  • Detail the enforcement processes and powers available to the Council
  • Identify policies and procedures which set out how the NPT Planning Enforcement team will deal with enforcement complaints in a fair, reasonable and consistent manner
  • Detail the service standards that we strive to achieve to ensure that enforcement complaints are dealt with in a timely manner, and that complainants are advised of the outcome of such investigations at appropriate stages

You are encouraged to read the Planning Enforcement Charter prior to contacting the Council in respect of any planning enforcement matter.

How to Make an Enforcement Complaint

If you suspect a breach of planning control has taken place, the Council will accept complaints by any of the following methods: 


Make an enforcement complaint online

Note: This is the preferred method of contact since it allows complainants to provide full information, and upload any relevant photographs etc which may assist our investigation and lead to earlier resolution of a complaint.


Please email


Development Manager – Planning,
The Quays,
Brunel Way,
SA11 2GG

Although we always seek to get complainants to provide details of their complaint in writing using one of the above methods, we will also take details by telephone on (01639) 686779

Complainants Details / Anonymous Complaints

To enable us to investigate your complaint, you should provide your name and contact details. Please note and be assured that complainant’s details will remain confidential and will not be publicly available (although please note advice at section 7 of the Planning Enforcement Charter regarding how the Authority will deal with requests under the Freedom of Information Act / Environmental Information Regulations).

In most cases anonymous complaints will NOT be investigated.