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Shaping NPT – A better life in a better place for a better future

Shaping NPT is Neath Port Talbot Council’s Corporate Plan. It sets out what we are going to do to help the county borough become a better place for people to live, learn and work and bring up their families. A place where everyone has an equal chance to get on in life.

Every day the council delivers hundreds of services to more than 140,000 residents

Here you can read more about the work we are doing to help us improve the well-being of our residents and communities, highlighting some of the services and the support we are providing. We will post updates throughout the year about customers’ and service users’ experiences and post progress reports on how we are doing.


Our priorities for improvement over the next few years are:

To improve the well-being of children and young people

We want all of our children and young people to have the best start in life, so they can be the best they can be

To improve the well-being of all adults who live in the county borough

We want everyone to participate fully in community life – socially and economically

To develop the local economy and environment

We want Neath Port Talbot County Borough to be a vibrant, healthy and safe place to live, work and enjoy recreational time.

How are we doing?

Here you can read about the progress we have made, what is going well and where we are on track, but also about those areas that need more work. 

The Council is continuing to make good progress on implementing the programme set out in the Corporate Plan 2019-2022. Overall 68 (82%) of our 83 ‘steps’, i.e. the actions we set to deliver on our improvement priorities are on track, 13 (16%) of the steps are just off track and 2 are off track. Last year we reported 78 (83%) out of 94 ‘steps’ were on track, 15 (16%) were just off track and one was off track.

You can read the full report here and a summary version here.

How are we improving the well-being of our children and young people?

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Areas that need more work:

  • A more targeted approach to service delivery for those children deemed to be 'Edge of Care'.
  •  Continue to provide work placement, apprenticeships and trainee opportunities for young people within our workforce.
  • Roll out, Healthy Relationship age appropriate lesson packs across schools over time.
  • Some of our planned work to promote the active involvement of young people in the democratic process did not progress due to the unscheduled UK Parliamentary election.

How are we improving the well-being of adults who live in the county borough?

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Areas that need more work

  • The number new housing units delivered through the planning system, continues to be considerably lower than the Local Development Plan targets, this is mainly due to the  economic downturn. A full review of the current Local Development Plan (LDP) commenced in January 2020. It is proposed that the Replacement LDP will cover a plan period of 2020-2035.
  • Continue to work with all Registered Social Landlord’s (RSL’s) and with third sector support providers to save tenancies and to provide support to prevent homelessness.
  • We became the first local authority in Wales to implement a ‘Safe Leave’ policy for staff who are affected by any form of Domestic Abuse, allowing them the opportunity to access support services, legal advice, alternative housing or medical help in a safe, planned way. However, more work is required to reduce the number of high risk repeat referrals coming into the service.
  • Work continues to more fully understand the root causes of the high rate of drug related deaths in the area.
  • The rate of people kept in hospital while waiting for social care per 1,000 population aged 75 has increased. The Hospital to Home (H2H) Model launched on 10th December 2019 was further enhanced to support people from hospital quickly. Since COVID-19, the model has developed further into a Rapid discharge model.

How are we improving the local economy and environment?

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Areas that need more work:

  • Changes introduced last year to the Council’s waste strategy produced performance gains, in particular, increasing food waste collection by 600 tonnes and reducing ‘black bag’ waste at the kerbside by 4000 tonnes. These gains were however in large part offset by external factors. Our provisional outturn recycling performance is 61.74% for 2019-20 against a Welsh Government statutory target of 64%.
  • We continue to work with and monitor the performance of Celtic Leisure, to ensure that the leisure trust model is delivering a quality provision and value for money.
  • Continue to work with regional local authorities on work streams such as the Regional Employment Study which will identify the need and supply of employment land.
  • Continue to work collaboratively with neighbouring authorities to scope and deliver a Strategic Development Plan.
  • Continue to work with partners to improve digital infrastructure and connectivity throughout the county borough.
  • Continue to promote the Welsh Government’s Superfast Broadband Cymru Programme.

Customer stories

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