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What is littering?

There is no formal definition of litter.  In practice, litter is most commonly assumed to include materials often associated with smoking, eating and drinking that are discarded and left by members of the public who do not use the proper receptacles such as litter bins.

Dropping or depositing litter on any land in the open air is an offence contrary to the EPA 1990 s.87 and offenders will face penalties.  Neath Port Talbot has a very successful Enforcement team, more information is available at Enforcement Successes.

What we would ask of you

  • Do not drop litter - use a street litter bin for items such as wrappers, unwanted food, and food and drink containers. If there is not a street litter bin in the vicinity, please take it home with you. If you are witnessed littering you will be fined and possibly prosecuted.
  • Please do not place your domestic waste or recycling, or commercial waste, out for collection until early on the morning of your collection day. (Or as late as possible on the evening before your collection day)

Reporting a problem with litter

If you are aware of a litter hot spot, an area or street with a litter problem contact the Waste Enforcement Team by email at or contact our Customer Service Centre on 01639 686868

Damaged litter bins

You can also report litter bin problems (e.g. damaged, full).