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Traders Information


The Town Centre is divided into nine charging zones. Stalls are charged on a linear foot (linear metre) basis and in addition to the stall charge, a service charge payment is levied and prices to be confirmed.

Apply for a pitch

If you are interested in obtaining a stall, please fill in the online application form. Please note that this does not guarantee that a pitch will be offered to you.

General descriptions such as 'Swag', 'Demonstrator' or other such general definitions will not be accepted.

In addition the council request copies of valid public liability insurance certificates. Failure to provide the Council with a valid copy with the application will prejudice the application for a trading pitch.

Apply for a Stall


Further Information


  • Food Safety Advice (PDF 287 KB)

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    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: Food Safety Advice
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    m.Url: /media/18651/food-safety-advice-2023.pdf

  • Markets Trading Standards Guidance 2023 (PDF 270 KB)

    m.Id: 35398
    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: Markets Trading Standards Guidance 2023
    mSize: 270 KB
    mType: pdf
    m.Url: /media/18652/markets-ts-guidance-2023.pdf

  • Terms and conditions 2023 (PDF 507 KB)

    m.Id: 35399
    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: Terms and conditions 2023
    mSize: 507 KB
    mType: pdf
    m.Url: /media/18653/tc-2023doc.pdf