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Cefn Coed Audio Tour

Your personal guide to Cefn Coed Colliery Museum.

Cefn Coed Colliery Museum now has an mp3 audio tour available to download online. The audio tour, narrated by ex-Blaenant Colliery Deputy and current museum tour guide John, provides visitors with a fuller picture of working underground, the machinery used and heart felt stories from miners who worked in the hey day of the mining industry throughout Neath-Port Talbot.

This audio tour has been created to enhance your visit to the museum. Audio tours are recorded guides that you can download onto your MP3 player, iPod, mobile phone or PDA to accompany you around the museum. However, you don’t have to listen to them on site, you can simply click on the tracks below for your own personal tour at home.

The Neath Port Talbot Museum Service would like to thank all of those who contributed to the tour. Come back soon to hear more interviews!

  • Welcome (MP3 3.58 MB)
  • The Headframes (MP3 1.87 MB)
  • The Drams (MP3 2.08 MB)
  • Mr Ian Evans - Dram riding! (MP3 3.84 MB)
  • The Lamp room (MP3 2.66 MB)
  • Pillar and Stall (MP3 3.79 MB)
  • William Arnolds First Day (MP3 3.21 MB)
  • The Knocking Wires (MP3 3.27 MB)
  • Dennis Williams witnesses accidents (MP3 2.42 MB)
  • The Lancashire Boilers (MP3 3.44 MB)
  • The Pump house (MP3 1.83 MB)
  • The tools and Pitmans Harness (MP3 2.51 MB)
  • The Chock (MP3 1.44 MB)
  • The Hunslett (MP3 931 KB)
  • The Steam hammer (MP3 1.30 MB)
  • Kevin Trumans first cage ride (MP3 2.24 MB)
  • The Compressor House (MP3 738 KB)
  • The Pit head baths (MP3 1.33 MB)
  • The Winding House (MP3 2.05 MB)
  • The Winding mans cabin (MP3 954 KB)
  • William Arnold - Shot firing (MP3 1.94 MB)