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Scaffold Permit

scaffoldA scaffold permit is required to erect scaffolding on the Highway under the provisions of Section 169 of the Highways Act 1980.

Please see details below on how to apply for a scaffold permit.

Who can apply?

To apply for a scaffold permit within Neath Port Talbot, you must provide proof of your Public Liability Insurance, which must be a minimum of £5 million.

Conditions of the permit

Permission is subject to conditions which may relate to: the location of the scaffold; available space on the footway; and pedestrian access - click here to view the full conditions of the permit. Additional conditions may also apply to individual applications.

How do I apply?

Apply Online

The fee payable for applying for a scaffold permit is currently £85.50

Please complete the following scaffolding application form and save it as a pdf. This can be uploaded during the application process.


  • Scaffolding Licence Terms and Conditions 2019 (DOC 52 KB)

    m.Id: 19852
    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: Scaffolding Licence Terms and Conditions 2019
    mSize: 52 KB
    mType: doc
    m.Url: /media/12043/scaffolding-regulation-legal.doc

  • Scaffolding Application Form - 2022 (DOCX 49 KB)

    m.Id: 31985
    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: Scaffolding Application Form - 2022
    mSize: 49 KB
    mType: docx
    m.Url: /media/16994/scaffolding-application-form-accessible.docx