Litter Ambassador

Plastic has been in the public eye over the last year and it is fantastic to see changes in legislation around the globe aimed at fighting the threat of plastic. One of the big problems of plastic is it’s lifespan. Plastic will never biodegrade, it just breaks up into smaller pieces, so all the plastic currently in our environments, will remain until we take it out. That’s why we need you.

As a litter Ambassador, you will help organise and assist at monthly litter pick events throughout NPT. You will also be an ambassador within your local, social and online communities; promoting events, encouraging people to  participate and collect rubbish when they see it and ensuring you report major incidents of fly tipping and remain vigilant when you are out in nature, picking up rubbish wherever you go.

Upon applying to become a Litter Ambassador, you will be invited to meet with our staff to go through relevant paperwork and an induction to volunteering with the council. You will be provided with a volunteer handbook to read through. 

At your first litter pick, you will be given an introduction to the site and a health and safety briefing alongside basic instructions for safe tool use and what we do/do not pick up.

Worried you don’t have the skills and knowledge to participate? Don’t fret, we run regular accredited and non-accredited training sessions for our volunteers, designed to get you up to speed and feeling confident in working with us in nature.