Citizen Scientist

Our citizen scientist volunteer role has been designed for those who love nature and want to contribute to our species database and help shape the management of our nature sites.

For us to manage our sites effectively, we need to know what is living in, and visiting, NPT, particularly indicator species such as native Bluebells and Yellow Arch-angel. You don’t need to be an expert ecologist to do this role as it is the common species we want you to record for us.

Upon signing up as a WWN Citizen scientist, we will conduct an induction and provide you with all the relevant information to carry out the task based on how you want to record data. We can offer basic training in identification and data recording where necessary to give you the confidence to record and contribute effectively.

Help us build our databank and shape management through identifying and recording in your garden and local wild spaces

  • Common and rare birds
  • Common and rare mammals
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Plants and wildflowers
  • Bees and insects

Once you are signed up we will do an assessment to determine what support you need and will arrange relevant training for you to get up to speed with everything you need to be ready to start collecting and submitting data through your chosen method. We will help you out early on to get you going and soon you will be identifying and recording as second nature.