Historical Researcher

Neath Port Talbot is full of fascinating cultural and environmental history and the Working with Nature sites are no different. As a historical researcher, you will be responsible for collating historical data for one of our sites and their surrounding area.

You will paint a picture of the changes to the site and the historical importance for nature, industry and settlements. Combining interviewing local residents with site visits and historical archives and books, you will help to discover the history of the site, providing important information that we can use on interpretation panels on site and as an online resource.

We will give you free reign to collate the information and you will benefit knowing that you are contributing to the protection of your sites historical importance and information and sharing the knowledge with the wider community and visitors to the site.

This role would suit someone with an interest in history and a desire to contribute to the wider understanding of the history behind our sites. For more information or to register to become a Historical Researcher, please click below: