FAQs - Garden Waste Changes

Welsh Government’s Collections Blueprint recommends that all waste and recycling (including garden waste) is collected in reusable containers which reduces the impact of single-use plastic on the environment.

The sacks are 90 litres. Each sack holds the equivalent of approximately two white bags. Please do not overfill the bags. If the bags are overflowing we may not be able to collect your garden waste.

There is no set weight limit. But please be aware that operatives lift the sacks to shoulder height, if you struggle to lift the bag, so will our operatives. This may result in your garden waste not being collected.

You can have and present as many bags as you wish. Please be aware you can only order 10 sacks at a time online.

Additional or replacement sacks will be available to purchase online at £1.00 each


Please include: Please do not include:
Grass cuttings, weeds and leaves Soil, compost, rubble, timber or stones
Flowers - both cut and contents of hanging baskets and potted plants Invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam and Ragwort
Hedge pruning, bark, twigs, sticks and branches (less than 5cm thick) Tree stumps or thick branches
Sawdust and wood chippings Animal bedding

Christmas trees will be collected in the sacks if they have been cut down to fit into the sacks. Garden waste collected over the Christmas and New Year period will be collected but may not be recycled.

Your collection day will not change. Please place garden waste out with your refuse before 6am on the day of your collection. Please do not place the sacks out any earlier than 6pm the night before.

Please be aware collections will vary on bank holidays.

If we have not collected your garden sack/s you need to report a missed collection online. Please check your bin collection day. Please ensure all containers are presented before 6am on the day of your normal collection or the evening before. Please be aware collections will vary on bank holidays.

Please ensure your waste is not contaminated by checking what can and cannot be placed in the garden sacks.

Inclement weather conditions may affect collections and we aim to return as soon as we can to clear any missed properties/streets.

We will only collect garden waste presented in the green sacks. Sacks can be purchased online.

We will not collect excess garden waste that is presented in different containers/bags.

Alternatively, garden waste can be taken to your nearest Recycling Centre.

Yes. Any additional or replacement sacks need to be purchased online and are £1.00 each. The council cannot be held accountable for stolen bags or general wear and tear. We will aim to deliver any additional or replacement bags within 15 working days.

When leaves and debris fall from trees naturally, they no longer have a legal owner. Any leaves or debris that falls within your property boundary become your responsibility to clear.

We expect the resident of Neath Port Talbot to dispose of their waste in the correct manner. This is either by using the kerbside collection service, recycling centres or home composting. From previous service changes, and in line with other councils now implementing a form of charge for the garden waste, we do not expect an increase in fly-tipping.

Neath Port Talbot Council has the most proactive and successful enforcement team in Wales and will continue to monitor the levels of fly-tipping across Neath Port Talbot and enforce where necessary.

The Welsh Assembly recommend that charging for garden waste should be reasonable and collected once a fortnight. In line with this, we have tried to keep the charge as low as possible to reduce the impact on the residents by charging £1 for additional/replacement bags and not for collections.

Until now, Neath Port Talbot Council has collected garden waste without any charges to the residents. We are able to do this as the collection of garden waste is a non-statutory service and therefore there is no legal requirement to collect it. This charge contributes to covering the cost of the service.