School INSET Days

During the Academic Year, schools are allocated up to five INSET days to use at their discretion for training and staff development purposes. Occasionally, schools may also have to close due to maintenance works carried out by the utility companies which are outside of the schools control.

Below you will find an up to date list on when schools plan to be closed during the academic year. The list will continue to be updated as information is received. Schools will confirm closure dates to all parents and carers via their usual communication channel.

From time to time, schools may need to close due to unplanned situations; such as extreme weather conditions or emergency situations. Any such closures are listed separately on the ‘Emergency Schools Closure’ page.

School INSET Days & Planned Closures (2019/2020)

School Name Date of Inset(s): 2019/2020
We do not have any INSET dates for next year at this time.
Please try again towards the end of the school year.