Policy & Resources Scrutiny

Policy and Resources Scrutiny Committee

There are 16 elected Members on the Committee.

The Scrutiny Committee meets directly before Cabinet Board and is responsible for any matters which are for consideration and/or decisions include related plans, strategies and budget by the Policy and Resources Cabinet Board including:

  • Corporate Policies and Strategies
  • Budget Monitoring and Controls
  • Wales Programme for Improvement including Risk Management
  • Procurement
  • Corporate Performance Monitoring
  • Transformation, Change Management and Innovation
  • Crime and Disorder

As the Principal Scrutiny Committee of the Council, the Policy and Resources Scrutiny Committee will undertake general roles along with the specific roles highlighted below:

  • Review the Improvement Review Programme as a whole and the review methods in conjunction with Cabinet.
  • Comment and endorse the overall draft Improvement Plan including specified performance targets prior to publication each year.
  • Monitor the performance of the Council against ALL performance indicators.
  • Compare performance against other local authorities.
  • Undertake year on year comparisons of the Councils performance.

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