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Our aims, objectives and outcomes

To clearly outline the project’s work, below is a detailed list of our objectives and expected outcomes:


Natural Heritage

  1. To restore and appropriately manage the Lost Peatlands' upland habitats. We will improve their condition to increase biodiversity and to ensure recovery to functionin­­g ecosystems. This will help reduce the impacts of climate change, wildfires and floods.
  2. To survey and monitor habitats, species and hydrology within the Project area. This will ensure that the natural heritage is better recorded and better understood. This will inform ongoing management, restoration and best practice.
  3. To undertake research to address evidence gaps in the science of afforested peatland restoration. This will inform ongoing restoration in the Lost Peatlands' area and best practice throughout Wales and beyond.

Historical Heritage

  1. To research and capture historical interactions between the landscape and its people over time. We will then share the amazing stories that result.


  1. To improve access, interpretation and activity provision. This will encourage the exploration of the Lost Peatlands' area. We will provide opportunities for communities and visitors to reconnect, learn about and benefit from the landscape’s wealth of heritage and greenspace.


  1. To improve local people’s health and wellbeing. We will provide enjoyable health and wellbeing focused experiences and activities programmes for all. They will be accessible through self and health provider referral (social green prescribing).
  2. To provide learning opportunities, particularly using school grounds and the outdoor spaces. This will engage schools, communities and professionals with the Lost Peatlands' heritage. People can develop new skills and understanding that can lead to great outcomes.
  3. Provide opportunities for volunteers and students to get involved in the project. They will help manage, monitor and record the natural and historical heritage. They can also develop traditional practical management skills, while engendering a greater sense of stewardship.
  4. Through innovative marketing and interpretation promote the Lost Peatlands' project. This will raise awareness and engagement in the project. It will also promote the area as a destination worth visiting, exploring and experiencing.
  5. Provide events and activities for communities and visitors to enjoy and connect with their local heritage.

Science and Research

  1. Inform and demonstrate best pra­­ctice and high environmental sustainability throughout all aspects of the project.
  2. Deliver an extensive monitoring and evaluation programme for all our habitat works, leading to key scientific evidence that will inform peatland restoration throughout Wales and beyond.

Expected Outcomes