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The Lost Peatlands of South Wales Project provides many opportunities for local people in the community to engage with their natural, cultural and historical heritage

Events, Activities and Programmes

We will be hosting an exciting calendar of activities and family-friendly events for local communities and visitors to participate in that will be free. These will be wide ranging; including guided nature walks, talks on local heritage, arts and crafts workshops and social events.


By improving accessibility to the project area, local communities and visitors will have the opportunity to discover the peatlands and explore the impressive landscape. This will include new and improved walking routes with better signposting, alongside engaging interpretation, maps and a digital mobile app.

Health and Wellbeing

A key element of the Lost Peatlands of South Wales Project is to provide outdoor activities that are specifically designed to help people with physical and/or mental health concerns, to promote better health and wellbeing in the community. People will be able to sign up to take part in these events themselves or can be referred via health professionals. Everyone is welcome and activities will include guided walks, outdoor cooking, outdoor arts and craft, as well as practical conservation tasks.


We intend to provide and facilitate a number of different training sessions throughout the Lost Peatlands of South Wales Project. We will provide people with the opportunity to learn new skills in an outdoor environment, from species identification skills to traditional building techniques like dry-stone walling. Additionally, we aim to provide professional and academic training, focusing on peatland and upland restoration and ecology.

Outdoor Education

We seek to provide a range of opportunities for local schools to take part in outdoor learning within the project area. This will include fun and engaging activities in the outdoor environment, school trips to see the unique habitat and landscape, and visits to the impressive windfarm to learn about renewable energy.