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Coronavirus Updates for staff

Update: Tuesday 1st December 2020

Staff Engagement Session

The staff engagement sessions that are typically held in Port Talbot, Neath and the Quays were curtailed this year due to the pandemic. To ensure staff had the opportunity to put their questions forward we held these sessions via Microsoft Teams. Each half hour session was recorded for colleagues who may not have had the chance to attend to still view the discussion.

The four sessions were attended by staff across the council and The Leader, Cllr Rob Jones spoke of how proud he is of the workforce within the authority. This was echoed by the Chief Executive, Steven Phillips who said he is indebted to the way staff have committed themselves during this pandemic and continue to commit to serve the people of Neath Port Talbot. Our newly appointed Chief Executive, Karen Jones said huge numbers have been involved in this effort and extended her thanks to the workforce for the remarkable commitment to deliver vital council services.

The many questions put forward to the panel which also included our Trade Union representatives and Heads of Service were largely centred around the concern Covid might have on our budget. Hywel Jenkins, our Director of Finance and Corporate Services, said the budget that he announced back in March gave an indication that there would be growth both for day-to-day spending and capital investment, but of course, since then Covid has taken over but we will have some budget information for early consultation in January.

As our Chief Steven Phillips will soon be retiring he ended by saying a big thank you to everyone for what’s been achieved over the last eight months and also for the whole eleven years that he’s been at the Council, but particularly the last eight to nine months.

He went on to say that ‘you’ve all been fantastic as far as I'm concerned, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. There will be challenges ahead, operational, financial, strategic, whatever label you want to put on them, but you're all doing a fantastic job. Stick at it. Our Council will come out the other end of this tunnel, I'm convinced, stronger than ever. So thank you very much.’

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