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Update 19.03.20

Joint Statement by the Chief Executive & Chair of the Joint Trade Unions

Update: Thursday 19th March 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Both of us are well aware of the concerns being expressed by staff in the current circumstances.

One of the strengths of this Council is the strong social partnership between the authority and the trade unions.  As you would expect, that dialogue is now ongoing daily with the interests of our staff and trade union members at the forefront of our thinking.

We are working through a range of issues but have agreed the following key principles:

  • The Council will follow government advice (backed by the science) to ensure that social distancing measures and protection of vulnerable groups amongst the workforce are fully implemented. This has very largely been done already;

  • However, we are clear that the Council must continue to provide critical services to our communities, particularly with the most vulnerable in mind.  This is why, for example, we have agreed a temporary redeployment policy; and

  • We are operating on the principle of “no detriment” (financially or otherwise to staff) provided the policies and procedures agreed are followed.

What this means is that we are encouraging sensible dialogue between staff and managers to address the circumstances of individuals based on evidence (not assumption); but operating within the framework that the Council has put in place.  Put another way, we are looking to managers and staff to support each other during this difficult time, particularly on issues such as childcare given the announcement made by Welsh Ministers yesterday.

Steven Phillips                                               Mark Fisher

Chief Executive                                             Chair, Joint Trade Unions