Reading and Book Advice

Reading and Book Advice for Parents and Carers

0-3 yr olds

  • Enjoy sharing a book with your child, talking about the pictures.
  • Listen to how your baby responds and react back.
  • To a young child, reading means 'cuddle' time.
  • Use durable board books or for babies cloth books.
  • Let your child handle the book and even taste it.
  • Find books you enjoy too, as you will be reading them over and over again!

4 +

  • Children take their cues from us - if they see us reading the paper, a magazine, a book, they will see it as something enjoyable to do and do the same. As long as you child is reading - Great! it doesn't have to be the 'Complete Works of Shakespeare'.
  • A child may take time to find a style of book they like. Non-fiction books about favourite sports or hobbies are just as valuable as fiction books.
  • Explore the library - it's a non-threatening environment for them to explore books they might be interested in.
  • Your child may have a reading problem in which case be very sympathetic because no one enjoys doing something difficult and frustrating.
  • Audio Books are great for children of all ages. They help children enjoy stories and will eventually lead them to want to experience the text version too.

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