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Children Services Staff Training

Covid-19 Safety and Wellbeing Training

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'Talk to Me’ is a free, interactive training simulation designed to give adults the confidence to hold difficult conversations with children about abuse, designed by Attensi in collaboration with the NSPCC.

Through ‘Talk to Me’, you will learn:

  • How to approach children who you fear are at risk of abuse, with confidence
  • To ensure children always feel listened to and how to respond to what they tell you
  • All in a safe, repeatable, virtual training environment.

ACEs online learning

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Barod Cymru

“Overdose Awareness” E-Learning package.

This E-Learning is available to professionals, service users and the general public. 

The Centre on the Developing Child

Training from the Centre on the Developing Child

National Female Genital Mutilation Centre

NFGM Knowledge Hub

Home Office free online FGM training package

A free online safeguarding training course developed for the Home Office by Virtual College.

Child Practice Reviews in Wales Digital Workshop 2020

Watch video on Youtube

Downloadable Resources


  • Online Learning Activities for Carers (DOCX 5.08 MB)

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NICE Resources

  • NICE Resources (DOCX 29 KB)

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