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School Staff Mental Health, Wellbeing and Consultation Call Back Service

In recognition of the increased pressure on school staff at this difficult time the School Based Counselling Service is pleased to be able to offer a wellbeing and support call back service for school staff. This service has two purposes.

  1. To support the emotional wellbeing of school staff. This is available to both staff working in our hubs and those working or self isolating at home.
  2. To provide consultation for staff who may be supporting children and young people presenting with complex difficulties either at the hubs or in the community.

Concerns you may wish to discuss could include:

  • feelings of anxiety
  • low mood
  • concerns around your mental health
  • family concerns
  • support in finding balance
  • support in developing self care
  • consultation on supporting pupils in hubs and in the community
  • looking after your own wellbeing whilst being a source of support to others.

You will speak to a counsellor who will be able to support you with a variety of concerns. You will be offered an initial telephone consultation of 30 minutes, dependent upon your needs, and a potential followup of another 30 minute telephone consultation at a later date.

These will be Monday to Friday within standard working hours. If you would like to request a call back please complete the form below so that we can direct you to the most appropriate counsellor:

School Staff Wellbeing and Support Call back Service
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