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Strategies & Protocols

In this section, you will find strategies and protocols relevant to the communications and marketing function.


  • Media Protocol May 2021 (PDF 445 KB)

    m.Id: 28648
    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: Media Protocol May 2021
    mSize: 445 KB
    mType: pdf
    m.Url: /media/15750/media_protocol_may_2021.pdf

  • NPTCBC Communications Strategy 2018-2020 (PDF 1.29 MB)

    m.Id: 23500
    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: NPTCBC Communications Strategy 2018-2020
    mSize: 1.29 MB
    mType: pdf
    m.Url: /media/13537/nptcbc_communications_strategy_2018_2020.pdf

  • NPTCBC Consultation & Engagement Strategy (PDF 3.46 MB)

    m.Id: 23501
    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: NPTCBC Consultation & Engagement Strategy
    mSize: 3.46 MB
    mType: pdf
    m.Url: /media/13538/nptcbc_public_consultation_engagement_strategy.pdf